Bad News and Good News

If I hadn’t experienced this, I would have thought this was a script from a sitcom.  But it happened, and I’m flabbergasted.

Tuesday morning, my wife Julie went into work and was informed that she will no longer be working there; the details of why are irrelevant to this story. I got the call at work and headed for home to console her and prop her up, but Julie was surprisingly not that upset.  Meanwhile I was already thinking of how to adjust the budget, thinking if we needed to sell something to get through the tight times – that type of thing.

Around noon, she got a phone call from a place she was interviewing for as a second job saying she had been hired and she can start tomorrow.

I was speechless for about ten minutes with how fast the situation turned around. Really.  Maybe it was because I had already gone into “crisis mode” and then got pulled back out quickly, but I just couldn’t believe how fast things turned around.

The new job is less hours, but at a higher pay rate so it evens out.  Plus it is closer to where we live, so less gas will be spent. It is might even be walking distance on the nicer days.

Oh – and did I mention that Tuesday was also our anniversary?  Happy Anniversary Julie; putting that “for better or worse” all in one day was an intersting present!

1 Comment on Bad News and Good News

  1. Atomic Bombshell
    May 1, 2009 at 12:29 PM

    Happy Anniversary, you two. Cool story!