Feeling strangely human

So you’ve guessed things have been crazy for me this year.  I’ll admit, I spread myself too thin.  Luckily things are starting to calm down.  My todo list has things going off it more often than things going on it, I’m finishing off a term as secretary for the SELS board, the MWNE program is starting to run smoother after some rough spots caused by the 501(c)3 process, and my I’ve lost a bunch of weight since my knee surgery a few years ago, making feel a lot better health wise.

Another thing that’s happening is that I’m starting to get the itch to talk to people, to post on this blog, and to get outside.  That’s a sure sign that my stress levels are lowering.  When I’m stressed, I tend to turn into a hermit and focus on whatever it is that’s stressing me until it is done, closed, completed, or otherwise finished.  People often refer to me as a “hermit crab” during those times and I really can’t argue with them.  I think now they may have to find a new nickname for me.

1 Comment on Feeling strangely human

  1. Atomic Bombshell
    June 30, 2009 at 7:29 PM

    Glad your life is starting to return to normal after this period of high stress. Always nice to hear from you.