So outside of my writing attempts, there’s a ton of stuff going on at my “real job”. This month my office is putting on one of the main training events we do all year, plus another big event. I’ve attended one of them before I took this job, so I know what to expect, but the other one I have no clue on how it is run. All I know is that it has worked well in past so I shouldn’t mess with it.

I’m also looking for a replacement for the Administrative Assistant.  My current one is leaving this month, so I have him focusing on getting what he knows down in our procedure book.

On top of that, my workplace will be switching office suites with another group in our building so there are all those logistics to take care of.

Needless to say, I’m not looking for more things to do right now. I’m not complaining, I’m exciting about tackling these challenges. I’m also looking forward to my downtime in June after all this is done.

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